Q & A’s


Is there a fee for using this platform?

-No, we currently do not charge any fees for using our service to customers searching for a service or product provider. Our platform is 100% Free.

Do you guarantee the work, quality, or craftsmanship of work by a service provider listed on your site?

-We do not guarantee or certify work results for any service provider on our site. More information here weres the gold We encourage you to exercise caution and do your due diligence when contacting and selecting a service provider on this or any other source.

What does the Verified Business Badge mean?

This means that our company has physically or through other investigative means; have concluded that a specific business is a real business and currently operating in the location that they claim and providing the services that they claim. We do not form an opinion as to if they are good at what they do or not.

Are you affiliated with the service providers on your site?

We are not. All service providers are their own business entity operating on their own terms and business practices.

I had a great experience with a service provider I found on your site. Can I give them some praise?

Although our site is not a review site, you can give them a star vote on their business profile. Visit their Business Profile Page and give them a vote which can be found directly underneath their business logo. You can also discuss their business and your experience using our Discussion forum.

I had a bad experience with a service provider I found on your site can you remove them from your site?

In order to remove a service provider’s profile from our site, you would need to submit evidence of wrongdoing such as repeated violations or court proceedings against them. Basically, we need to see proof and just cause in order to terminate a service providers subscription. Please see any of the following: Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, or Code of Conduct.

What home safety tips do you recommend when hiring or dealing with a service provider?

Yes, we do. Please see our Home Safety article here.

Can anyone use your Discussion Forum?

Any customer, user of our platform can use our forum. You must register and create an account and adhere to our rules of use. Typically, its basic rules like don’t use our forum to spam, use profanity, post illegal content, etc.

Is your Business Referral Program only for service providers?

Nope. Anyone that refers us a new business that becomes a subscribing member can benefit. Please learn about our Referral Program here.


Is there a fee to get listed on your site as a service / product provider?

Yes, you must register and pay an annual subscription fee of $500. Any other subscription upgrades are optional. You can do so here.

What are some of the “additional upgrades”?

Some optional upgrades are getting your business verified, having your reverse testimonial video placed in our Business Heroes section on our home page, or getting your business listed as anIndustry Featured Leaderin your respective business category. Learn about Upgrades here.

How long is the subscription into your platform?

The subscription into our platform is 12 months. This is the same for all upgrades- they are all valid for 12 months.

Does your company receive emails or messages from potential customers on our behalf?

We do not. Each business profile will have the business website, phone numbers, and email where potential customers can contact you directly.

A customer posted about a negative experience about my business in the Discussion Forum. Can this be removed?

If the customer wrote about a genuine experience and did not use profanity or result to personal attacks, or violate our terms of use, we do not remove posts. However, you can register as a user and address the post directly.

How do you market the ConnectYou.Me Platform?

We constantly invest and numerous facets and channels of marketing and advertising. We utilize Google Ads, Social Media ads, partner referrals, trade shows, networking events, and direct mail.

What are other perks or benefits of becoming a subscribing member?

You will receive seating preference and discounted rates on networking events & specialevents through out the year. We are always finding creative ways to help you gain more customers as well as help you form strategic alliances with other members for your business to leveragecosts of goods, profitability, and efficiently.