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The ‘Connect You- to- Me’ concept is the best way to earn new customers that are looking for your product or service. Customers want to be connected to businesses that are sincere, have a great reputation, and provide quality work. Is this you and your business?

The same old ads or review sites are simply not enough for the educated consumer anymore. And there is no better way for a customer to give you their business than to hear and see what your business offers- directly from you. Potential customers simply visit our site and select their trade industry category and review our business provider videos / pages, if there is an interest, they will contact you directly.

We charge potential customers zero to find you. You benefit from our marketing campaigns, patented system, and special networking events. It is our sole intention to help grow your business!

    Benefits of being a ConnectYou.Me member include:

  • Official Unique Business Provider Page

  • Inclusion of your Reverse Testimonial Video on YouTube

  • Option to upgrade to Provider Spotlight or Industry Featured Leader

  • Automatic Referral Program Eligible

  • Seating preference & discounted rates on networking events & special   events

  • Form introductions to strategic alliances with other members for your business to leverage costs of goods, profitability, and efficiently.

If you have questions about our platform, fees, and how it works, just contact us!

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