About Us

Once upon a time, 2 entrepreneurs from South Florida once had a conversation about everything that was wrong with being a consumer in today’s world. They discussed how the internet makes finding service providers easier, however, there has always been a ‘disconnect’ with who a business really is and how they do what they claim.

The two men figured that the best approach to finding quality providers was to hear directly from those that run the business, not just those in the front lines. Located at the cause you find out intriguing informatio And what is better than to hear a “reverse testimonial” than to just read some reviews that always have the potential to be revengeful or fraudulent? Based on this though process, they created the ‘Connect You- to- Me’ concept / ‘Connect You- to- Them’ concept. I hope https://justdomyhomework.com/ these tricks help you feel more confident for your first day of your new internship.

ConnectYou.Me is simply the most innovative business provider search network. This is where relationships matter, and our Reverse Testimonial video listings make all the difference!

You want to get connected with service providers that are sincere, have a great reputation, and provide quality work. This is the place for those connections.

There is NO Charge to use our platform. Simply search our database for providers based on their specific trade / industry & location. Contact the service provider directly. There are no middlemen or any fees.

We hope that you find our platform useful and that you find the quality of work that you seek.

Happy Connecting!